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Be greeted with a smile every time you walk into our practice! Enjoy a comprehensive and personalised eye examination, followed by tailored eye care solutions by the Grbevski & Associates Team.

South Sydney’s eye care health professionals - Simon Grbevski



Clinical Optometrist |Orthokeratology| Children's Vision

Dr Simon Grbevski founded Grbevski & Associates in 1976. He is highly qualified and recognized in the field of behavioural optometry and children’s vision testing. Dr Grbevski’s passion for developmental vision and rehabilitative vision therapy began early in his education, working with children who struggled with reading and learning.

He has served as the founding member and first State Director of the Australian College of Behavioural Optometry and has established the Australian College of Syntonics of which he is currently President.

With his passion in Behavioural Optometry, Dr. Grbevski has achieved a high level of skill and expertise of over 40 years, enabling him to diagnose and help overcome even the most complex of visual problems.  Dr Grebvski  continues to be involved in the development and education of behavioural optometry.

South Sydney’s eye care health professionals - Linda Lam


B. VisSci, M.Optom

Principal Clinical Optometrist | Ophthalmic Medicines Prescriber | Orthokeratology | Children's Vision

Dr Linda Lam, is the principal optometrist at Grbevski & Associates.  Her passion for behavioural optometry, children's vision testing, ocular pathology and myopia control began early in her career.

Dr Lam is therapeutically endorsed, allowing her to prescribe topical medications of ocular conditions such as dry eyes, glaucoma and uveitis. She is also experienced in fitting and prescribing orthokeratology and hard contact lenses for irregular corneal conditions.

Driven by obtaining the best vision possible for her patients Dr Lam continues to further her education towards the enhancement of her patient care, understanding vision development and it's important role in learning and reading. Dr Lam exudes a high level of professionalism and her holistic patient care model leaves her patients smiling!

South Sydney’s eye care health professionals - Zainab Zahid


Vision Therapist | Optical Assistant

Zainab is our vision therapist and an integral member of the team, working hand in hand with our optometrists in treating and managing patients with vision therapy.

 Zainab came to us from Canada where she had been working as a vision therapist since 2009. Zainab has studied and worked with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) & Downs Syndrome, helping her understand the different needs of each patient.

Zainab’s passion for vision therapy shows through her commitment to seeing each student achieve their goals no matter what the circumstance. She has a compassionate and patient nature helping her to connect with each individual she works with.



Office Administrator | Optical Assistant

Gina became a valued member of the Grbevski & Associates team in 2004. She was born and raised as a Novocastrian and now calls Sydney home.

Her part and contribution to the team is endless, from being the lovely voice you hear on the phone to our office all-rounder who maintains and ensures our front desk is functioning smoothly and efficiently. Gina’s years of experience in frame styling and optical lens dispensing will leave you feeling satisfied and confident, so know you’re always in good hands.

She also works closely with a large range of optical supplies and will go above and beyond to provide excellent patient care and service.

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