Neuro-developmental Optometry

The way that you interpret what you see does not depend solely on how clear your eyesight is.  A behavioural optometrist has a special interest in vision beyond the eye-ball.


Neuro-Developmental Optometry, also known as Behavioural Optometry, takes a holistic whole-body approach to vision care.

It is an expanded area of optometric practice and a philosophy of eyecare that aims to incorporate the physical, neurological and developmental aspects of vision.

Neuro-Developmental optometry does not apply only to children but adults as well. It involves comprehensive assessment of binocular vision, eye-movement, accommodation, eye-sight, visual efficacy and potential visual processing development, to detect and treat vision problems that can interfere with reading, learning to read, computer use, visual-related headaches and eye-strain, and other activities in daily living.

We do this by assessing how the eyes and brain processes visual information, and use it to measure how this processing affects performance and behaviour.

Our optometrists will not only consider the remediation and correction of any eyesight difficulties but also the benefits of prevention, protection and enhancement of your visual system in order to improve all aspects of your visual performance.

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