Vision & Learning

Did you know that up to 80% of the information in the classroom is obtained through the visual system?

Vision is your child's most precious sense. A child will not necessarily complain of a vision or sight problem as they assume that what they see and interpret is "normal”. 

Nearly every child is born with good eyesight ability but good vision is learnt. How well a child learns to use their vision will influence their development and even their behaviour.

Learning, is a result of complex and inter-related processes. Your eyes and the visual system grow and develop from the brain, making vision a fundamental factor in learning. The role of vision is to: gather information, organise, analyse, retain, recall and direct action. This action can be verbal, physical and visualised, linking vision further to auditory processing and motor-skills.

Efficient visual skills involve the eyes working smoothly together. When the eyes move smoothly, accurately, effortlessly, fixate, align and focus as a team, interpretation and comprehension becomes easier. These skills should be subconscious and are significantly important for reading and comprehension.

Beyond eye sight is a higher level of integration which allows us to interpret what we see and how to use our eyes accurately. This can require training and exercises to refine the visual, motor and perceptual skills. This is known as Vision Therapy.

Check out our Children’s Vision Checklist for signs and symptoms to look out for that can affect learning.

Information is_gathered, organised, analyzed, processed, retained,

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